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Analysis and blood test Hematology

This service is divided into three sectors

1 - Cellular hematology where all the routine analyzes are carried out such as hemograms (or blood formula), blood smears and the more specialized analyzes necessary for the monitoring of hemopathies  : myelogram, immunophenotyping, molecular biology. In particular, we use flow cytometry for perfect identification of the different populations of blood cells. Our skills in cytology also include blood parasitology with, in particular, the search for malaria.

2 - Hemostasis where we carry out specialized analyzes for the exploration of thrombotic and hemorrhagic pathologies.

This sector concerns routine analyzes such as the monitoring of anti-coagulant treatments, as well as special analyzes such as pathologies of hemostasis with a hemorrhagic or thrombotic risk.

3 - I mmunohematology where the following erythrocyte immunohematology analyzes are carried out  :

  • Blood grouping (ABO-RH1 grouping and RH-KEL1 phenotyping)

  • The direct antiglobulin test

  • The search for anti-erythrocyte antibodies (RAI)

Blood grouping is performed in a proven or potential pre-transfusion context or in a pre-nuptial, pre- or perinatal context. Following a blood grouping we edit a blood group card for the patient.

All the analyzes are carried out using the reference technique by gel filtration.

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