Female doctor removing a tick with tweezers from hand of patient. Encephalitis, borreliosi

Laboratoire Espace Lab SA



Important information

  • When ordering your kit, it takes approximately  5 working days to receive your kit at your delivery address.

  • If you are under treatment, wait one month after the last dose of medication to take your sample. If you have any questions, please send an email to   question-lyme@espace-lab.ch

  • Drop off the pouch containing your samples to be sent to the laboratory at your post only on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday in compliance  your post office's drop-off time.  

  • Do not send your direct debits the day before  Swiss public holiday.

  • The results will be returned  within 4 weeks  after  sending samples.

  • We do not communicate the  results over the phone.

  • Samples must be identified with your surname, first name and date of birth


I received my kit - procedure

1- Fill in your information on the application sheet  legibly or directly in the editable pdf

(Last name, first name, date of birth, address, informed consent etc.)

2 - Have the sample taken in the EDTA k2 tube (purple) received with your kit for the blood sample. The sample can be taken by your nurse or your local laboratory. You do not need to be fasting for this analysis.

3- Fill the small purple tube with blood (up to the 250µl mark)  using the lancet.

Download Manual BD Lancet

4- The day before the blood test, eat  sweetened during the day (jam in the morning, sweet snack, etc.) unless there is a medical contraindication such as diabetes. After cleaning your hands and having an intimate wash,  collect the first jet of urine in the evening around 7-8 p.m. by filling  of urine the dry bottle with yellow lid, then transfer the urine into the 3  urine tubes (beige cap) having previously removed the label located on the yellow lid. Keep urine cool.

5 - The day of the blood test,  before eating and before brushing your teeth, collect your saliva using  the bottle with red cap (minimum quantity 5ml).  It is better to put saliva (not "spit")

6 - Place the two purple tubes, the bottle with the red cap and the three urine tubes in the “Sample/Samples” bag provided for this purpose. Seal the bag well.

7- Put the bag of samples in the box and  the  completed and signed analysis sheet.

8 - Slide the box into the white plastic shipping sleeve.

Stick the postal shipping label on the plastic sleeve.

9 - The package is ready to be shipped.