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Analysis and blood test Nutritional assessment

Nutrition is a determining factor in our state of health. "  Let your food be your first medicine  Hippocrates already wrote. Yet our daily eating behaviors take us away from a healthy, balanced and good quality diet every day.

The nutritional assessments offered by the Espace Lab laboratory are often simple and allow for a personalized synthesis because each individual is unique. Our needs change according to our sex, our age, our activities, so it is crucial to determine what your real needs are and thus discover the excesses and deficiencies in your diet.

We offer standard profiles but each analysis constituting these profiles can be prescribed.

The profile "  Digestive physiology  »  is an analysis of the status of molecules provided or dependent on food. The latter, in deficiency or in excess, are associated with poor health (abnormal fatigue, mood disorders, sleep disorders, etc.) and with an increased risk of diseases of civilization such as cardiovascular pathologies, cancers, depression, inflammation. We analyze erythrocyte fatty acids, inflammatory status, zinc and selenium levels, homocysteine and vitamin D. Abnormalities revealed by this assessment can be corrected by dietary and physical hygiene measures.

The profile "  Urinary organic metabolites  » evaluates the state of the intestinal microflora by identifying specific urinary markers. Depending on the results of this assessment, it may be necessary to implement a strategy aimed at rebalancing the intestinal microflora through dietary changes, the prescription of probiotics and/or prebiotics, the prescription of natural antimicrobials or even medications.

The profile "  Neurophysiology  is a blood and urine analysis allowing a nutritional and functional approach to the main parameters involved in cerebral neurotransmission. The results of this assessment make it possible to propose an optimization of cerebral functioning through an appropriate diet, personalized micro-nutritional supplementation and optimization of any treatments.

The profile "  Oncophysiology  is the first integrated biological profile to assess a set of biological parameters directly related to diet and whose disturbances are associated with a significantly increased risk of cancer and disease progression. According to the WHO, 40% of deaths from malignant diseases are attributable to inadequate nutrition. Correcting the excesses and deficiencies of certain nutrients could therefore represent the most effective strategy for reducing the development of cancers and making it possible to reduce the risks of recurrence.

For everything  information  concerning nutritional assessments and functional biology, you can directly contact Dr. Frédéric Rimaz, nutritionist at the following address  : balance

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